• Gifted Programme for Puppy

    We have trained countless of excellent puppies and through our gifted programme, they have become the dream dog that the owner ever hope for.

Videos of Puppies that gone through the programme.

Getting It Right !

Raising a puppy that is always motivated and is able listens to you well at all times, even in the outdoor settings, will need to go through dedicated training programme to train them correctly.

Having a puppy that are 4 months and younger will give you a good head start as the puppy are usually very eager to learn and have not develop any bad habit. Therefore you need a correct training programme to train it correctly to achieve what you want out of the puppy.

Many owners have tried reading book and other resource to train their dog but many of them have failed. The reason why is that, not every dogs are the same and also not all books are written correctly to help you.

You do not have many opportunity to repeat your puppyhood experience. Do not waste your one and only opportunity to get it right!

We have been given opportunity to train countless of gifted puppies that excel in every obedience fields. With our training programme we are confident to lead you in the right track to achieve the puppy you always wanted.

Selecting a puppy

Selecting a puppy is not just based on the looks but most importantly is to know what you would like the puppy to do. Seeking help from professional like us will definitely able to give you a good start in training your puppy correctly.

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