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We are pleased to inform you that we have officially launch a new dog training platform that especially in toilet training. More free potty training and dog training tips will be available at


We are proud to release our first basic obedience dog training book.

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This book covered all of the aspects to deal with behavior problems such as barking, toilet training, aggression, charging and more!

Not to forget, this book was made simple and easy to follow,  there are steps, illustrations and pictures to follow.

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Click Here to view the sample


Congratulate Jodie and Snowie for completing the basic obedience course on 13 January 2017.

Jodie and Snowie completing


Congratulate Bilbo, Fluffy and Coco for passing the basic obedience course on 16 November 2016!

grou photo4


Test Score:

Bilbo (Scottish Terrier) and Ben: 191/200


Coco (Shihpoo) and Wendy: 172 / 200


wendy and coco1

Wendy and Coco2

Fluffy (Westie Highland) Niki & Sandy: 162 /200


Sandy, Micky & Fluffy


We are happy to welcome these handsome and gorgeous people to be apart of us!